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Hinterland Romance

Thursday, 02 February 2017

An Engagement Shoot

Caity and Matt first met on the other side of the pond, at Lake Tahoe, in the Sierra Navada.

Both had taken up residence there on a working holiday and in fact were housemates.

Turns out that both had developed some feelings for one another.

It wasn’t long before housemates were a little more than just housemates.

It also turned out that they were both from Brisbane, which made coming back home so much easier!

The Proposal

Matt noticed Caity had been having a stressful week so decided to treat her to a nice dinner at their favourite restaurant.

Upon returning home, Caity noticed that their balcony had been covered with candles and fairy lights.

There was nothing left to do but for Matt to ask the magic question, and the rest, as they say, is history…

The Engagement Shoot

I had asked Caity and Matt if they had any favourite locations or a place they would love to remember their engagement by.

Of course the topic of Lake Tahoe came up but, despite my trying, they thought flying me over to Nevada for a shoot would be a little bit of a stretch.

I had a location in mind. Luscious and green with flowing streams.

Although it wasn’t Lake Tahoe, I hoped it would represent the essence of the place they first met. Were their friendship had developed and flourished.

We had a lot of fun jumping from rock to rock and testing our balance on fallen trees.

One of us even managed to slip and dip their toes in the creek…


Alice & Shaun

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

One Tree Hill Wedding

Alice and Shaun’s wedding was held at the prime Maleny wedding venue known as Maleny Manor.

Let me start by saying the view from Maleny Manor is spectacular! It stretches out over the region’s scenic farmlands and pastures and stretches all the way to the beaches of the sunshine coast.

It happened to be the most ideal day for a wedding and for the views!

While its normal to be a little anxious on your big day, one of the thoughts that stayed with me was just how relaxed both Alice and Shaun were throughout the entire day. I think this is in part thanks to their families’ caring nature and the fact that they both love spending time by the sea.

And with that magnificent view for the background, guests were treated to a relaxed ceremony under the old fig tree. Afterwards everyone was invited to enjoy some sparkling wine, canapees and the stunning views. It was great to see Alice and Shaun join their guests for this also.

After a short time, the happy couple and bridal party made their exit for some photos on the property. We enjoyed the Manor’s ideal photo locations of the lake, the rows upon rows of vines and the old fig tree.  I was looking also looking forward to whisking Alice and Shaun away for some more intimate moments down the road. And One Tree Hill delivered the perfect setting!

Also, we can’t forget all of the staff at Maleny Manor. They were amazing to work with, including in the days prior to the wedding, when we were allowed full access to the property for location scouting.

Finally, I have to say, Alice and Shaun’s wedding was certainly unforgettable and we feel so privileged to have been chosen to be their wedding photographers.


Wedding Gown — Wendy Makin
Bridesmaid Dress – Asosi
Wedding Cake – Cousin Claire
Wedding Florist – Mondo Florals
Hair Stylist – Evalyn Parsons
Invitations – MK Design Co
Groom & Groomsmen Suits – Peter Jackson
Stylist & Planner – CL Weddings and Events
Transport – Noosa Hinterland Bus Tours
Venue – Marlene, Peta & Eve @ Maleny Manor
Priest – Fr Leo

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