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Andrea & Ned


The Greek Club

What do you get when you mix a room full of Serbians with a room full of Croatians?

One incredible wedding!

Right from the get-go the energy levels were at a maximum.

I joined Ned, the groom, in the morning and found a house full of family and friends that were buzzing with energy and excitement. It was an incredible atmosphere and I knew that we would not only be documenting a beautiful wedding day, but also a fervent party!

The situation was much the same for Alex where Andrea, our stunning bride, was getting ready. Even the Father of the Bride was playing to the camera!

After an emotional wedding ceremony at moda portside, which had a few tears and a lot of laughter, we stole the bridal party away from a photo shoot around Brisbane where little Milan – the page boy – nearly stole the show!

Their reception entrance, at the greek club, was like no other entrance we have ever experienced ñ everyone congregated on the dance floor and started to dance. And they danced and danced and DANCED! The Synergy of cultures and mix of traditional (SLASH) trance music was addictive and Alex and I were just looking at each other thinking – “What is going on here?! – This party is going to go all night!”

And it did!