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Julia & Nathan



Julia and Nathan actually went to the same highschool, in Alstonville, but it wasn’t until many years later that they started seeing each other in Brisbane. I don’t want to get too carried away, so without getting into too much detail, I will list some things that we thought were simply magical about their wedding…

Nathan’s mum, June, grew sunflowers specifically to decorate the Bangalow wedding reception venue – and if you’ve grown sunflowers before you would know they can be pretty damn temperamentle!

All of Nathan’s and Julia’s brothers and sisters are musically talented. Nathan’s brother, Isaac, sung a beautiful little ballad as Julia came down the aisle.

Jack, who is Julia’s younger brother, accompanied Isaac on the trumpet.

By the way, Jack wrote a song for Julia that he sung during the signing of the registry, accompanied on guitar by Nathan’s other brother Sol, on guitar! Is your head spinning yet? Ours were!

As a touching gesture, their bridesmaids and friends – Jedda, Tiff and Elli – inscribed every single guests name (including ours!) in a pebble to take home. The effort they put in is just extraordinary!

You might have noticed Juliaís grandparents doing a little bit of Tai Chi to calm their pre-wedding nerves. They were actually celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary the same month! Some people would only dream they could be in such great shape at their age!

The speeches where honest and heartfelt – the type you canít find on google ñ and as everyone was wiping tears from their eyes, Jack and Julia’s dad Jimmy jump on stage and sing ‘julia’ by Pavlov’s Dog – which is the song Jimmy heard the year Julia was born and the reason for her name!

And when everyone was ready to hit the dance floor – Jimmy introduced ‘Acid Bleed’ the Jazz band he is a member of. And they played some wonderful tunes! My highlight would probably be ‘quiz·s quiz·s quiz·s’! The whole lead up and day was so colourful and full to the brim of little touches that made their wedding their own – I’m sure I’ve only touched on the tip of the iceberg!


Hair Stylist — John from Bangalow
Make-Up — Ava-Belle
Gown — Thurley
Dresses — Zimmermann
Suits — Calibre
Florist — Estelle Montlouis ‘The French Petal’
Invitations — Kirra Jamison
Venue — Karina, Moller Pavilion
Celebrant — Julie Rossouw