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Lauren & Michael


Laurance Winery of Margaret River

Sitting on a plane 30000 feet in the air creates the perfect opportunity to reflect and think about where our wedding photography has taken us in the last few months.

This year we’ve been in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Noosa, Montville and even Moffatdale, but it was actually 2 months ago tomorrow that Ola and I had the pleasure of photographing Michael and Lauren’s Margaret River wedding in Western Australia.

A lusciously green vineyard, Tuscan walls, warm weather and cool breeze in the afternoon… Laurance Estate certainly offered up the goods!

Michael and Lauren’s ceremony was sweet and meaningful. We even learned the story of how they first met on stage in the casting of their school musical, BIG, as lead actors. Things progressed quickly and, needless to say, Michael and Lauren offered a convincing performance!

Of course it wasn’t all smooth sailing, but smooth seas don’t make good mariners either… so to find yourself, 14 years on, face to face with the one you’ve chosen… was emotional to say the least!

The time we spent after the ceremony, for us, captures their fun and loving natures, the strength of their bond and above all their enduring mutual respect for one another.

Remembering the loving and supportive nature of Michael and Lauren’s family and friends certainly leaves a feeling of warmth and happiness in our hearts – which is perfect timing for this Easter flight!

Its going to be a great Easter! Our love to you all!


Gown — Brides by Design
Suits — Hugo Boss
Ceremony & Venue — Laurence Winery of Margaret River